Make_Shift City

Renegotiating the Urban Commons

Francesca Ferguson / Urban Drift Projects (eds.)

In cooperation with the Berlin Senate for Urban Development

Softcover with flaps
21 x 26 cm
256 pages, approx. 250 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-223-8


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Makeshift implies a temporary or expedient substitute for something else, something missing. Make_Shift City extends the term to embrace urban design strategies. Make_Shift City implies a condition of insecurity: the inconstant, the imperfect and the indeterminate. It also implies the designing act of shifting or reinterpretation as a form of urban détournement. Austerity urbanism and the increasing scarcity of resources among the cities and boroughs of Europe in particular has far-reaching consequences for civic space. Where there is a lack of regular planning processes, gaps arise as open spaces that enable an ad-hoc informal urban design. What often results is a process of urban commoning: the renegotiation of shared spaces and shared resources. This urbanism of small acts is an emancipatory practice; a re-imagining of the city space and its potentialities.



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