International Building Exhibition 2010: Less is Future

19 Cities—19 Themes

Ministry Of Regional Development And Transport Of The State Of Saxony-Anhalt (ed.)

12,8 x 25,6 cm
852 pages, with 394 col. and 84 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-101-9

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A massive reduction in the population and a change in economic structures have meant the people of eastern Germany have had to face enormous challenges over the past 20 years. As part of the International Building Exhibition Urban Redevelopment 2010 nineteen towns and cities in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt have implemented innovative projects and formulated exemplary solutions as to how shrinking towns and cities could be designed. This book gives a wide-ranging view of the methods, methodology, and results. Participants, independent experts and critics have their say. A historical review and a basic representation of the urban developments of the last two decades show the causes of the shrinking processes and the initial situation for the IBA. Three scenarios on the themes town, landscape and climate outline questions and possible developments for Saxony-Anhalt up to the year 2050. With the IBA, Saxony-Anhalt has instigated a laboratory for the city of tomorrow whose issues are of international relevance.

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