Surfing Bauhaus – Hessen + Typography

Links, Quotes, References, Data, Texts, and more

Tobias Becker / Sandra Hoffmann Robbiani (eds.)

21 × 29.7 cm
288 pages, num. col. and b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-601-4


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Every day, new artifacts related to the Bauhaus surface online, and with the 100th anniversary of the school, the number is reaching a peak. Surfing Bauhaus confronts this flood of information and approaches the institution Bauhaus in a contemporary way. Becker and Hoffmann Robbiani focus on Bauhaus representatives who had a connection to Hesse and worked typographically. Using Internet search engines, they collect, filter, and combine digital results with material researched using more classic methods, from archives and libraries. In their search, the editors—a graphic designer and a professor of typography and communication design—work by association, provoking forms of digression and meandering, switching between English and German, and thus achieving an open perspective on the Bauhaus: a compilation of essays, links, data, references, and anecdotes, retrieved in 2019. No claim to completeness.

With contributions by Kai Buchholz, Tine Melzer, Michael Mischler and Christoph Stähli Weisbrod, Sabrina Rahman, Dan Reynolds, and Florian Walzel

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