Der Eckhausgrundriss

Bücher zur Stadtbaukunst 2

Georg Ebbing / Christoph Mäckler (eds.)

Softcover with flaps
21 × 25 cm
264 pages, num. col. ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-778-3


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The foundational research work Der Eckhausgrundriss by the Deutsches Institut für Stadtbaukunst categorizes examples of corner building layouts from the past 200 years. With the help of these varied floor plans, it explains the principles to bear in mind when designing urban corner buildings. As such, it serves as an architectural aid in the design of corner buildings—an essential element of urban blocks—as well as clarifying the relationship between these buildings and the morphology of the city. The editors demonstrate that thoughtfully planned corner buildings, whether free-standing or attached, are required for the design of clearly defined urban spaces, as they have decisive impact on the spatial quality of the adjoining streets and squares.
The third edition of this volume expands the collection of corner building floor plans with more than forty examples that have been realized in the last ten years, as well as a number of classic corner building layouts. In doing so, it further showcases the renewed importance of this type of building in contemporary architectural practice.

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