Kedron Barrett

With contributions by Jutta Lindenthal/Ulrike Laudan

24 x 28 cm
112 pages, 118 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-129-3


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When the American painter Kedron Barrett moved to Berlin, the city—seemingly still trapped by the Cold War—was in the grip of a revival of painting, with the new style triumphantly heralded as “neoexpressionism.” He cut his own path through this stylistic jungle—and, three decades later, Kedron Barrett remains faithful to his own pictorial landscape. This overview of his work starts with the 1980s and extends up to the present, charting the course of an inward journey. The central motif of Barrett’s most recent works is the house—a metaphor for life, for home, for the familiar and the ordinary, but a metaphor that may also contain within it the unfamiliar and the extraordinary. Kedron Barrett tries to go beyond spaces and surfaces in his pictures and to make us experience an atmosphere—with particular reference to light. This book, which presents the full spectrum of his work, provokes thoughts about the nature of representational painting, about modernism and about the timelessness of art.

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