Dieter Finke


Leon Janucek / Barbara Steiner (ed.)

24 x 32 cm
204 pages, 127 col. and 36 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-032-6

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Sculptor Dieter Finke, born in Berlin in 1939, remains unmatched regarding the fascinating intensity he lends to his mainly animal sculptures. Much reduced in form, his animals have a special, inherent drama and expressiveness. He also employs unusual materials for his work such as wood and cardboard, which represent a particular challenge to a bronze caster. The bodies are dismembered and reassembled, and the construction always remains visible. Whether through his choice of material, formal realization or apparently fragile presentations, Finke always succeeds in portraying the brittle nature of relations between animals and man in a convincing manner.

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