Daniel Lezama


Jürgen Krieger (ed.)

29 x 33 cm
208 pages, 112 col. and 11 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-187-3


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The art sensation from Mexico!

What is so captivating about the paintings by the artist Daniel Lezama? His works display a multitude of historical, literary and mythological references. The mostly large-format, epic pictorial stories reflect the long, often dark history of Mexico, as well as its present. Lezama portrays the people as violent and dirty, but at the same time as full of hope and tender affection. Artistically he was orientated towards the schools of European Fantastic Realism and surrealism, but also towards the Mexican Realismo mágico. However, he resisted conforming to any one in particular, developing instead his own unmistakeable and individual style, whose narrative power is just as fascinating as its clear use of forms.

With contributions by Eric Castillo, Hilario Galguera, Mauricio Galguera, Harald Kunde und Francesco Pellizzi


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