Cornelia Schleime ZUNGENSCHLAF

Works on paper

Eckhard Hollmann / Jürgen Krieger (eds.)

Softcover with rubber band
16 x 21 cm
216 pages, 143 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-179-8

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What is it about Cornelia Schleime that is so fascinating? She is a cultured painter trained in classical techniques, but she has also always been an “enfant terrible,” with incredible vitality and energy. This is demonstrated by the various careers she pursued in the GDR: hairdresser, creator of masks, tender of horses, art student in Dresden, punk … constantly under the eye of the Stasi. However, she will not let herself be “smoothed down.” She tries everything. In particular, her works on paper reflect the processual character of her career as an artist. Associative and flowing elements and change determine both her technique and the painting and picture carrier materials. She seeks out forms of expression that suit her, both physically and mentally, producing poetic, but also very concrete and hard watercolours, gouaches and drawings, grouped as series. This book takes us on a fascinating journey through her inner life. It engages the viewer’s interest, moving us deeply and echoing our own feelings. “I would never show only the hard things, and never only the poetic things. The poetry is compelling precisely because one is aware of the hardness.”

With contributions by Wolfgang Büscher, Christiane Bühling-Schultz and Cornelia Schleime

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