Aylin Langreuter

1861 / 2011 / 2081

Christopher Roth / Georg Diez

24 x 24 cm
64 pages, 12 col. and 15 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-186-6


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Aylin Langreuter’s art can not be pigeon-holed. Concept art, object art, design, graphics, sculpture: none of these wholly define her art, although it contains elements of each. Her intellectual and artistic work lies somewhere between obvious delight in the objects and their philosophical significance. She creates objects that can not be used, develops scripts that can not be read, thereby placing her objects outside of reality in the realm of the individual imagination. “However, it is not my primary objective to divest my objects of their actual function, it just happens along the way. This is important and inevitable, if you accord them their own free will.” This book presents two new work groups of the young artist: “on/off”—Blindlights/Neonetchings and the “written works.” In both of these, the intriguing private world full of beautiful, absurd, and mostly joyous things unfolds. The third chapter of the book presents works from “a long time ago.”

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