Summer in the City

Frankfurt im Architektursommer Rhein-Main 2011

Stadt Frankfurt am Main – Dezernat für Planen, Bauen, Wohnen und Grundbesitz (ed.)

14,8 x 21 cm
224 pages, approx. 400 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-123-1

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As part of a shared initiative with four major cities in the Rhine-Main area, the city of Frankfurt organised almost 100 events centering on architecture and urban planning. Frankfurt’s theme was: “Living in the City.” This book presents this theme in three separate discourses: “local,” “regional,” and “trans-regional”. Well-known authors in the fields of politics, research, instruction and practice elucidate the current state of the discussion on construction culture and construction politics. In their contributions to the book, this international cultural network of very varied individuals involved with the architecture scene convincingly show that the Summer of Architecture was a veritable feast of the senses for all participants and visitors, and that it also helped to promote architecture as a cultural value as well as improving architecture’s rootedness in society.



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