Migrating Spaces and Tourism

Stefanie Bürkle

Softcover with flaps

21.4 × 27 cm

224 pages, 200 col. ill.


ISBN 978-3-86859-697-7



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MigraTouriSpace is an artistic examination of travelling as an approach to the phenomena of migration and tourism, and of the many ways in which they overlap. Understanding that when people travel they also take with them spaces and images means that tourism no longer inevitably refers to the vacation as an exceptional state. Brought back home, the tourist’s gaze has long operated to shape everyday life.
For three years, artist Stefanie Bürkle and her interdisciplinary team travelled between Berlin and South Korea, photographing and filming. The result of this research is an atlas of images, with places such as the Vietnamese wholesale market Dong Xuan Center in Berlin Lichtenberg and the German Village, Dogil Maeul, in South Korea, that demonstrates the tension between a migration of culturally coded spatial contexts and post-touristic practices.

With a preface by Martina Löw

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