Power Stations in Berlin

The Electropolis Heritage

Bewag AG (ed.)

With contributions from Hans-Achim Grube / Herbert Strobel / Jörg Haspel / Klaus Bürgel / Hilmar Bärthel / Hubert Staroste / Christina Keseberg / Matthias Dunger 

23,5 x 31 cm
96 pages, 122 col. and 99 b/w
ISBN 978-3-936314-01-4

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Berlin was once the biggest industrial area in Europe. Large-scale enterprises like AEG or Siemens laid the foundations for a modern power supply together with Bewag, the Berlin electricity provider. This book introduces numerous power stations as part of the architectural heritage from the period of industrialization at the beginning of the 20th century and gives acomprehensive overview of Berlin as an industrial city. It deals with questions of the history of architecture with regard to the possibilities of reusing the unique historic plants. The focus of interest is the dual aim of preserving the facilities and finding a new economic use for them.



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