Berliner Stadtprojekte

Gartenstadt Karlshorst - Wasserstadt Spindlersfeld

Klaus Theo Brenner

2 clothbound volumes in slipcase
20 x 26 cm
2 x 64 pages, 100 col. plans and ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-168-2

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In Berlin, large-scale inner-city development projects are still realized. The Berlin city projects Gartenstadt Karlshorst and Wasserstadt Spindlersfeld breathe new life into the myth of good living in the city, showing in an exemplary way how the still existing large wastelands can be transformed into a vibrant cityscape, giving the area a new identity.
With these two projects, which follow a systematic planning strategy that encompasses everything from the tradition of the urban space to the design requirements of individual houses, the Berlin architect Klaus Theo Brenner has made an important contribution to a new way of urban thinking.



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