Hannovers “ver-rückte” Mitte

Prinzipielles und Konkretes zu Stadt-Bau-Kultur

Joachim Ganzert / Gregor Janböcke (eds.)

29.7 x 21 cm
88 pages, approx. 75 col. and b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-426-3

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Is the “ideal typology of a modern city”, Hanover, “car-friendly” or “motorway-friendly”? Is it possible to develop “post-war modernity” further or has the time finally come to rethink? What does the much-invoked genius loci of a city consist of? Or is it only about invention of location? Even in the case of the “Hanover 2020/2030” plans or the conversion of the local plenar hall?
The contributions in this volume seek to assert themselves with regard to these awareness voids in building culture, whilst calling for a rehabilitation of the urban character of the topographical and historical center of Hanover. The urban development situation of Hanover can be regarded as an example par excellence of the prevalent, but all too uncritical evasions into more than questionable “modernisms”. The book therefore provides new impulses for the discussion about war and post-war modernity and building culture—not only in Lower Saxony.

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