Change the Way You Move!

A Central Business District Goes Ecomobile

Tobias Kuttler / Theresa Zimmermann
Konrad Otto-Zimmermann (ed.)

Softcover with flaps
24 x 21 cm (landscape)
88 pages, approx. 140 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-424-9


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The business districts of many metropolises worldwide share the same characteristics: monotonous office building façades, uninviting public spaces, congested traffic arteries, and high levels of pollution. Employees, residents and visitors are burdened by the decreasing quality of the environment in which they are working and living. Traffic congestion steels numerous hours of every commuter’s life.
The City of Johannesburg, the economic hub of southern Africa, ran a daring experiment that offered an alternative scenario for an urban future: as part of the EcoMobility World Festival, a hundred thousand commuters were requested to abandon their cars and convert to ecomobility for four weeks. Many Joburgers took up the challenge and used the improved bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, the additional public transport services and innovative urban vehicles in and around the Sandton business district.
Change the Way You Move! shares fascinating experiences from the EcoMobility World Festival 2015 and highlights solutions for an ecomobile urban future. Especially inspiring is not just the dedicated co-operation between the city administration, the business community and citizens, but also the contribution of the festival to social integration and to the overcoming of spatial apartheid.

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