Building Platforms

Oliver Hasemann, Daniel Schnier, Anne Angenendt, Sarah Oßwald
ZZZ ZwischenZeitZentrale Bremen (ed.)

Swiss Brochure
14.5 x 19.7 cm
304 pages, approx. 100 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-450-8


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How can an urban community revitalize dormant empty spaces in the long term? Since 2009, the ZwischenZeitZentrale (ZZZ) in Bremen has been opening windows of opportunity in order to enable interim usages. They explore experimental usages and new collaborations that are limited in time and can serve as a trial run for the development of long-term projects. The niche phenomenon of interim usage, which makes use of the shortcomings of urban planning, can therefore become an effective urban development tool.
Building Platforms creates an overview of the factors for success when implementing interim usages. Based on illuminating examples, the process of an interim usage is explained from the first vague enquiry to its successful realization. Building Platforms is therefore a handbook for doers and decision-makers, as well as an encouraging appeal to everyone to participate actively in urban development.

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