Spiegel gesellschaftlichen Wandels

Werner Durth / Paul Sigel

21 x 27.5 cm
784 pages, 570 col. and 450 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-010-4
09.2009 / 2nd edition: 05.2010


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In this book Werner Durth and Paul Sigel investigate various stages and trends in architecture and urban planning over the last century. Ranging from the growth and redevelopment of cities to forms of housing, life concepts, and guidelines for a supposedly better future, they describe discourse and controversy, positions, and projects. Before the background of changing values and quality standards, aspects and forms of national self-portrayal are particularly interesting. The authors outline experimental movements and decision-making processes using examples of capital city planning, as well as participation in World and Building Exhibitions.

One also finds out an incredible amount, learns endlessly, gets to know a treasure of building historical incidents, which come to life as do their often famous instigators. One spends a lot of time on this—without really noticing it.

Manfred Sack, Häuser 1/2010

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