Bauen für Demenz

Christoph Metzger

16.8 x 24 cm
160 pages, 70 col. and 10 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-389-1


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As a consequence of demographic change, it is increasingly necessary now and in the future for the architectural profession to rethink the design of residential solutions for aging people and especially those with dementia. With advancing age we are increasingly dependent on a spatial environment that not only has a positive effect on us, but also supports our everyday activities and takes age-related restrictions into account.
A focal point of the new requirements is multisensory architecture: color and lighting design, sound design, tactile materials and surfaces, and haptically attractive forms, creating a spatial atmosphere in which the resident feels comfortable, providing security and orientation and fostering motor skills and cognitive abilities. Bauen für Demenz (Building for Dementia) has been developed as a guideline for contemporary and dignified architecture that meets the requirements of people with dementia and views them as an integral part of society.

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