Georg Moller (1784–1852)

Werkbundakademie Darmstadt e. V. (ed.)

Texts by Michael Groblewski, Wolfgang Lücke and Helge Svenshon

Photographer: Waldemar Salesski (Darmstädter Stadtfotograf 2014)

21.5 x 26 cm
192 pages, approx. 100 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-358-7


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Bauten und Projekte des großherzoglichen Staatsbaumeisters in Hessen-Darmstadt

The undisputed significance of Georg Moller in architectural history and architectural theory of the nineteenth century, and his considerable influence on the urban development of Darmstadt right up until the current plans of today, stands in stark contrast to the reception of his work and the perception of the architect in his hometown itself. It is especially with regard to this that the project “Darmstädter Stadtfotograf/in” (Darmstadt City Photographer) provides the ideal opportunity to acquaint oneself with the architect in an unconventional manner and thereby to visualize artistically the high quality of his buildings, in some cases only fragmentarily preserved. This leads not only to a wider, deserved appreciation of his work, but also to the possibility of a creative reinterpretation of his oeuvre.

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