Der Kopf des Architekten

Zeichnungen und Baukunst von Sergei Tchoban

Falk Jaeger (ed.)

24 x 28.5 cm
192 pages, 134 col. and 26 b/w
ISBN 978-3-936314-75-5

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New visions and ideas are always taking shape in the head of the architect, Sergei Tchoban. He reaches for a pencil or an ink brush, allowing us to participate in the creative process. His veduta are not merely created for their own sake, but rather serve, too, as spatial innovations for real buildings. Trained in the Classicism of his native city of St. Petersburg, the architect builds in a frank, modern style, whilst still enjoying the study of architectural ideas from previous centuries. This book follows Tchoban’s trains of thought from the rivers Neva to Spree, using illustrations of his pictures and buildings, which were created in the studio of nps tchoban voss. The book shows how timeless principles for designing architectural space can flow from architectural history into contemporary architecture.

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