Architektur Rausch

A Position on Architectural Design

Thomas Arnold / Paul Grundei / Claire Karsenty / Elke Knoess (eds.)

17 x 24 cm
304 pages, 390 col. and 200 b/w
ISBN 978-3-936314-45-8

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The architect´s profession is changing decisively. In parallel the needed abilities are changing, too: The architect today is dealing with the important transformations of our environment, both spacial and social, between the poles of production and information, regionalisation and globalisation, as well as the real and virtual world. Architects with ideas for these challenges are in demand. Their ability is needed to group the most diverse influences into clear concepts and to create spaces, which are as exciting as they are functional. But how can education live up to these tasks? The book tries to find answers. The contributions combine sensuousness and rationality and, in networking with other areas of knowledge, they question the boundaries of the profession´s image. In this way, Architektur Rausch devises a discursive, diverse and equally open and precise approach to tuition that can inspire lecturers and students, as well as planners and architects.

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