a:p Sensing Space

Future Architecture by Technology

Franziska Eidner / Nadin Heinich

17 x 20 cm
160 Pages, num. b/w


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An office building whose façade changes at night into a gently pulsating play of colors; an apartment that lets us know when our loved one is coming home on the other side of the world; a house, which rather than shielding us from the outside world, allows us to put together our own soundtrack inside with sounds from “outside” . To what extent can the integration of new technologies allow us to create spaces that move us, and in which we feel in the best case significantly more “at home”? Can architecture thus provide appropriate answers to the new needs of a mobile, globally networked society? What does “home” mean in the twenty-first century? What is really meant by “interactive” or “intelligent” architectures? Sensing Space presents projects, experiments, and perspectives on architectures and spaces of the future from, among others, Dunne & Raby, G TECTS, Ruairi Glynn, J. Mayer H., Usman Haque, Toyo Ito, Cedric Price, realities:united, and Adam Somlai-Fischer.


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