a:p Color Spaces

Friederike Tebbe

Christiane Fath (ed.)

17 x 20 cm
144 pages, 100 col. and 30 b/w 
September 2009

Out of print

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Does it look wide or long, does it look different inside compared to outside, or does it look better standing than lying down? How consciously do we experience color, light, and space? How do colors influence our perception, change the effect of something built and thereby shift the relations of space and our judgement? Friederike Tebbe examines the manifestations of color, its perception, and interpretation. She is concerned with color perception as a primary experience and examines it in a sensually-attuned way in her artistic projects. She integrates the insights gleaned in this way into her practical work in concrete architecture. The selection from both areas of her work provides a colorful collection of works that is full of surprising transformations and lively impressions.



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