a:p Disembodiment

José Salinas I KNOBSDesign

Isolde Nagel (ed.)

17 x 20 cm
144 pages, 30 b/w and 120 col.
September 2009


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Disembodiment describes a physical process in the context of urban conditions. It is a process that robs our bodies of all material existence and transforms our physical conditions by intensifying conditions that we have been unable to feel initially up to a point where we perceive a clearer division between the body and thought. Differing urban worlds and living environments produce a vast range of processes of disembodiment. They produce a sense of becoming alienated from one’s own body, from the perception of the body, and from human behaviour. The work of architect José Salinas aims to investigate this intimate association between the body and urban space. The city forms the environment, and provides the space and energy. It consists of uninvestigated forces and synergies, which interact by means of their wealth and complexity. The body’s covering is also like an ambience; a topological configuration providing space and energy. It is equally dependent on the complexity of the surroundings.


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