Alle wollen wohnen

Gerecht. Sozial. Bezahlbar

Ursula Kleefisch-Jobst / Peter Köddermann / Karen Jung (eds.)

18.5 x 26 cm
248 pages, approx. 190 col. and b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-474-4

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There is a lack of affordable housing especially in major cities. Displacement processes have made living in the centers a privilege in many cases. Furthermore, social changes and a variety of new life models and lifestyles influence requirements and expectations regarding modern-day housing.
Housing has for a long time been the subject of political and social discourses, but can state-subsidized housing development find the answers to all these challenges? This book offers a comprehensive overview of the topic: from the significant models of the 1920s to the contemporary situation and current concepts. Architectural and urban development aspects are a focal point, as well as legal framework conditions, subsidy measures, building standards, and the parties involved in the building process. Expert contributions and essays extend and deepen individual issues and illuminate the topic of housing from various points of view, a solution to which is so decisive for the social cohesion of our society.

This volume accompanies the exhibition “Everyone wants housing. Fair. Social. Affordable” at the Museum für Architektur und Ingenieurkunst NRW (Museum for Architecture and Engineering Arts NRW).

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