acting in public

raumlaborberlin with Julia Maier and the Heidelberger Kunstverein (eds.)

20 x 27 cm
192 pages, 178 col. and 251 b/w

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Mountain hiking in the ruins of Berlin’s Palast der Republik, a hotel in an abandoned prefab high-rise, an architectural sculpture in an allotment garden: for the last ten years the raumlaborberlin interdisciplinary team has been carrying out sensational interventions and activities that are shaping a new perception of architecture. acting in public questions public and private space and activities. A conversation on design processes and working methods within raumlabor complements detailed presentations of its most important projects; an illustrated index introduces 70 projects in text and image. The common objective is to attract attention to alternative strategies of urban renewal and urban planning and to encourage residents to become involved in shaping their living environments: “We call on people to get involved, we want to show them that becoming part of urban processes is worth the risk.”

With contributions by Niklas Maak, Thomas Rustemeyer and Dr. Katja Szymczak

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