Abreißen oder Gebrauchen?

Nutzerperspektiven einer 50er-Jahre-Architektur

Heidi Helmhold / Christina Threuter (eds.)

16.5 x 24 cm
192 pages, approx. 60 b/w and 30 col.


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From the moment when architects hand a building over to the users, the architectonic space is defined by everyday practices and actions. This book is interested in the use of space, and asks what cultural techniques are used to connect with and to manufacture space. Subject formation and sensitive interactions that take place between body and space are a part of this. Taking the faculty of the humanities at the University of Cologne as an example, the interdisciplinary articles in this book identify space-related practices and user perspectives. This building complex— an aesthetically unique 1950s piece—was erected by Hans Schumacher. Today, it is marked by decades of use and misuse, functional disregard and complaints about the loss of the faculty’s identity. The editors of this book initiated the project “UPPS—The Uses of Private and Public Space” as a platform for user perspectives on space that could embrace interdisciplinary issues.

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