JOVIS Publishers, a publishing house founded in Berlin in 1994, annually publishes approximately 50 titles on current architectural topics as well as contemporary art and photography. Unusual subjects, ranging from innovative building, planning and design to history, research and theory, govern its program. Our books aim at opening people’s eyes and making them aware of certain themes.
We often work in partnership with well-known architects or researchers from the architectural scene as well as with museums and cultural and business institutes. Nevertheless we also wish to present ideas from a new generation of architects and artists in our program. Collections such as PORTFOLIO or architecture:positions, among others, bear witness to this pursuit.
We place great emphasis on the design of our books as well as on the content. We strive to make demanding subject matters, and complex approaches to them, available to a broad public at competitive prices and in high-quality design.
The distribution system of the publishing house is internationally oriented due to our production of many English-language and bilingual books. Most of our titles are available worldwide, and accessible in all specialized libraries. They generally receive much attention from the national and international daily and specialized press as well as from the media as a whole. Thus, by continuing to publish new topics and to produce high-quality books, JOVIS Publishers will go on demonstrating its commitment and distinguishing itself on an international level.
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